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Customer Contact

The advent of electronic mail has impacted strongly on the way in which our business is now transacted. Traditionally, most customer contact has been over the telephone ‘though more recently we are receiving an increasingly large number of enquiries over the net. Whilst there are advantages to this method of communication, it is not always possible to fully replace the direct conversation between two parties and Interchange certainly prefers to have a point of telephone contact with our customers in case the enquiry demands a more in depth discussion.


Interchange Contact Details:

Main Contact:- Mark Newman

Postal Address: Interchange Data Products Limited,
                           P.O. Box 3700,
                           BA1 1ZG

Telephone:- (44) 1225 330100

Facsimile:- (44) 1225 330200

UK Local Rate:- 08456 441822


Please note that the above address is mainly for correspondence purposes, the office address is as follows:

Interchange Data Products Limited,
First Floor Offices,
12, Old Bond Street,
Somerset, BA1

Registered Office:
Level 2, The Old Malthouse, Clarence Street, BATH, Somerset, BA1 5NS

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