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Brokerage / Trade Enquiries

Interchange buys for stock and holds inventory.

It is not possible to list our stock here as it changes far too regularly. If you have a specific requirement for IBM iSeries (AS/400) or xSeries (RS6K) equipment, please do not hesitate to contact us.


We also offer an AS/400 and/or iSeries Configuration Service to any brokers/traders who have a potential iSeries customer and require assistance in building their customer’s configuration. We have extensive knowledge and an up-to-date copy of IBM’s econfig programme which enables us to prepare both new and used configurations to your requirements. We can also “upgrade” installed customer configurations in different ways to provide you with the most cost-effective upgrade.

In addition to assistance with configuring your customer’s hardware requirement, we can also offer assistance in providing Logical Partitioning information for iSeries machines.

This service can be provided in one of two ways, we can charge for the time spent working on your customer’s configuration or become instrumental in the supply of the required hardware. Please call for a discussion, if this is of interest.

If you would like any specific details concerning the above, please contact us at:

or telephone (44) 1225 330100

or fax us on (44) 1225 330200

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